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Diving and Snorqueling


  There are only few places in the world that divers always talk about. If not mentioned in the first place, the Red Sea is definitely among the first three places.
And there are obvious reasons for it: a huge variety of all coloured fishes, very clear and deep blue water, wraks, an all-year-garantee, and infinite reefs along the coast. Fishes are very similar to those found in the Indian Ocean, but some species are only found in the Red Sea. Especially the Gulf of Aqaba is so deep (1.830 m), that with the reflection of the desert light it shows a blue colour that can hardly be seen in other places.


Especially the east coast a perfect area for snorkelling. Beginners who have slight fear in the beginning will lose that as soon as they have their head under water. The scenery in various places (like the Ras Mohamed) is so fascinating and breath-taking that you will never forget it. Most of the diving schools or hotels are equipped with snorkels, masks and fins. It is always worth checking if any have hotel offers on the equipment or any of the local schools. You should make sure that they are well fitting and clear under water.

From Sinai it is worth diving directly from the shore as well as going out by boat. South Sinai offers schools and diving centers more than enough. Check dives should always be done, a diving center that insists on that are caring about security. For the ddifferent diving sites, diving centers and further diving links we have set up seperate sites (see below).




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