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Abu Galum
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Abu Galum is a Managed Resource Protected Area that covers an area of about 400km², situated on the east coast of South Sinai, right between Dahab and Nuweiba. It protects various coastal and mountain ecosystems that are unique to the Gulf of Aqaba. The coral reef is mostly undisturbed with a high diversity of reef fish, whose richness of its flora and fauna is overwelming.

The reef at Abu Galum supports an active Beduine artisanal fishery. As in other protected areas you can see them standing in the water (unfortunately also on reef) and fishing. They supply as well the local restaurants with the fish they get throughout the day. However, the fishery is being regulated (EEAA) just some years ago to reduce the damage done to the delicate coral reef.

Probably, Abu Galum is one of the most beautiful protectorates in Egypt. Its hight mountains, its wadis, fresh water springs, its picturousque sand dunes, coral reef and gravel alluvial fans, this area hosts about 165 plant species. About 45 of these species can only be seen in Abu Galum and are unique to this area.


To protect Abu Galum as a Natural Resource Area, it is only allowed to drive on marked trails that have been prepared. Beduine guides are available that lead you with camels to the places of interest.

A visitor center is planned for the northern boundary of the area. Here visitors can be informed about the flora and fauna as well as about recommended diving sites. It is forbidden, however, to access the underwater caves at Ras Mamlah. This system of caves is more than 100 meters deep, unstable and very dangerous, which is proven by divers that never returned from their trip. It is highly recommended to keep to local rules, also provided by diving guides.



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