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Tiran Island

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covered places:
Once in South Sinai, you will unquestionable see Tiran Island, illuminated by the evening sun and shining with its light brown-yellow appearance right between Sharm El Sheikh and Saudi Arabia. This place is a very famous destination for excursions, beloved for its charming and extraordinary nature. For divers and snorklers, this area is a pure paradise, lagoons and coral banks being one next to another. Tiran Island lies in the Gulf of Aqaba, a sea street which is more that 1.800 meters deep. This attracts many visitors, because it makes sure that the water is cristal clear and perfect for underwater sports.
Tiran Island
Gordon Reef
Jackson Reef
Thomas Reef
Woodhouse Reef
White Lagoon

getting ready in
Naama Bay
  Starting in the early morning, there are plenty of visitors waiting for the departure with their boat on the southern side of Naama Bay. Diving equipment, food and all kind of other equipment has to be organized. Then, at some time, boats are taking off one after another. The trip towards Tiran Island lasts approx. 1 hour. However, most boats will stop at reefs on the way to Tiran Island. Especially Gordon Reef and Jackson Reef are the famous places, where the underwater nature will fascinate every visitor. Compared to Ras Mohamed's underwater world, these places are probably of the same beauty.  

deep blue water

diving boats at
Gordon Reef
Kite-Surfing close to
Ras Nabq
ready to anchor
deep blue of Gulf of Aqaba
white lagoon with
view to Ras Nabq
white lagoon
white lagoon
light house at Gordon Reef
white lagoon
white lagoon
white lagoon
white lagoon just in front
of Tiran Island
white lagoon
white lagoon
white lagoon
white lagoon
white lagoon
white lagoon
relaxing all day
Tiran Island
white lagoon
white lagoon

Sun&Fun guide Khaled

Sun&Fun guide Khaled

refreshments on the way
Anchoring on Coral is unfortunately common.
Good though: the place is normally prepared, so corals are not being damaged each time anchoring. If you happen to see corals being damaged, you should complain. To save the nature is the first priority, and too much has been damaged already.

Well organized tours you will find with the leading Excursion agency Sun&Fun. They are the biggest ones for South Sinai and organize tours on a very professional basis. Guides are experienced and are also in a position to go for exeptional wishes if required.



Sun & Fun, Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh
Tel: +20.69.601 623, Fax: +20.69.600 602, email

Dolphins on way
back to Sharm

The captain in action

calm sea in the
early evening



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