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Wrack of Equador freighter

Lastminute-Express.de - Last Minute Reisen online


Right at Gordon Reef there is the famous wrack of an Equadorian merchant freighter that hit the coral reef in 1981, trying to pass the reef on the north-eastern side. Since then, it lies here, broken into pieces.

Entering this ship is quite dangerous and unsafe. We do not recommend to enter it. Salty water and rough weather conditions have hardly left any place without rust. The ship lies lop-sided, so it becomes difficult to walk and sometimes even to stand. The dip might well be about 15-20 degree. While walking, is becomes more tricky even, since the ship is moving constantly because of water pressure.
Then, old documents can still be found on the decks, gangways seem to host gosts and pigeons are almost flying into the face once entering a room. Probably there are a few thousand pigeons on the vessel, which makes all look extremely dirty. Old furniture and dusty rotted machines are all over the place.

To have some impressions of what it looks like, we give you a selection of pictures as follows:

the vessel, broken into
the galley
view down to sea
gang ways to the rooms
2nd deck, one of the
front rooms
view down to sea
view down to sea
view to the back
ventilation to chimney
back gangway lower deck
back gangway lower deck
difficult to cope
with - the degree
electrical machines
captain's bridge
captain's bridge
deck view
view to bow of vessel
view to bow of vessel
rust all over


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