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Biking This sport is not very famous and practiced in Egypt and this for a few resons: first of all, the streets are very dangerous since cars are driving fast and sometimes it seems they drive without a notice. A bicicle "counts" less than a car, a car less than a bus etc. If you consider to drive through the desert with a mountain bike, it is possible. In most places you will find sand that is not too soft, rather a bit stony, but be aware of several dangers. There are still land mines left and if you have problems with the bike, it might be a long way back to a good water place again. Also, deserts are commonly under-estimated in terms of their conditions. It is highly recommended to be well prepared.  
Diving Diving is probably the sport why most visitors come to Sinai. There is hardly places in the world where diving is more exciting than here. Because of its extraordinary significance, we have established pages with much deeper information. Please click here to dive into Sinai diving.  
Golf In South Sinai there are a few golf courses. The Jolie Ville Golf Resort is a 18 hole Championship Golf Course and is located approx. 5 km from Sharm El Sheikh. Soon, there will be a more detailed description of the golf facilities in Sinai.  
Hiking Sinai beares lots of the most breath-taking sceneries in the world. And, hiking is one of the best ways to experience this nature, and to admire the quality it holds. Although hiking is a sport which beginners seem to find simple and easy, yet there are some tips to be kept in mind in order to enjoy the hike along with the scenery.  
Jogging Jogging becomes a bit difficult in Sinai. However, it might be of interest to some enthusiasts to go very early in the morning when the sun is not too hot yet. The desert has a comfortable surface, but it should be highly recommmended to not leave the tracks. Land mines are not completely cleared yet and depending on where you go, there might still be uncleared areas. Trails been done by Beduine vehicles are mostly save though.  
Sailing Sailing boats are offered by some hotel resorts and several other private businesses. The wind is normally quite nice for sailing and prices are relatively affordable. Normally, there are Lasers or Catamarans in offer.  
Safari Tours Safari tours to explore the overwelming beauty of Sinai can be done by camel or by car, preferably with a 4x4. Tour operators offer trips to the most beautiful and known places, such like a famous oasis. Also, you can rent a Jeep and drive on your own, but you should make sure that you know about the dangers.  
Snorkelling There are many people that do without diving, but they are crazy for snorkelling. For some areas, this might be the most breathtaking experience, especially going to the reefs of Ras Mohamed. To be well prepared, snorkellers should make sure that the mask is soft and well fitting. Make sure you meet with a local diving support and ask them for professional advise. Some might just rent equipment, but make sure they are thorrowful. To have been at Ras Mohamed with water or fog in the mask throughout the whole time can easily happen if not taking care. A good preparation will make the difference between having seen almost nothing or a complete paradise.  
Tennis Tennis is mostly offered in hotel resorts. Also, you can rent a tennis racket and balls in most of the hotels as well as flood lights for night playing. Make sure to ask for the possibility of playing before you start the trip, if this is of much importance for you. Contacts can be found under hotels. However, it is not recommended - especially not in summer time - to play tennis throughout the midday hours, since severe damage can be caused to the body system.  
Waterski Waterski is offered only by a few hotels. Sometimes you find private businesses that offer this service on the beach. Prices are not extremely high. If you are not experienced, you should make sure that you are either going in the early morning or in the late afternoon, since the waves are not as high then.  
Windsurfing There are only very few sports that Sinai is famous for. Right after diving, it will be windsurfing. This is because of the very stable wind conditions, especially the more you go northwards along the Gulf of Aqaba. Places like Taba and Nuweiba are very well known among windsurfers. The best wind conditions are probably in November, when there is a strong and constant wind even in the area of Sharm El Sheikh.  


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